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Heian Shodan - "Peaceful Mind Number One"

Heian Shodan introduces new techniques including:


There are two kiai points found in Heian Shodan:

  1. On the last jodan age uke of the embusen.
  2. On the last chudan oi tsuki (middle level lunge punch) of the embusen.

Tempo (speed)

The tempo of the kata demonstrated below has not been changed for filming. Everyone has their own tempo, however, it should remain similar for all forms/variations.

Demonstration of Kata

Demonstration of Kata Variations

Apart from the common "Omote" (front facing), way of performing kata (as shown above), kata can also be performed, "Ura" (opposite), "Go" (defensive) and "Go no Ura" (defensive opposite). Students will be required to be perform kata variations in advanced gradings. Sensei Kase introduced these variations explaining that performing kata ura, go, or go no ura is closer to actual application in real fighting circumstances.

"Go Mae" is another variation of the kata where "uke" (blocking techniques) are performed moving backwards whilst "uchi" (striking techniques) are performed moving forwards. In many kata it is open to personal interpretation of bunkai as to uke and uchi.

"So much to learn, so little time".

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