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"I will not give a certificate of rank, it must be earned"  (Master Gichin Funakoshi)

From the very first moment that a student enters the dojo their training will constantly be monitored and measured on their ability to retain, and improve upon, the quality of their basic techniques and katas. Once a student reaches a specific level of performance they will be given the opportunity to try for promotion by taking part in a grading.

To be eligible to present for grading (Kodomo and Kyu grades), students must have a valid licence, have completed the required training period, have the necessary ability to obtain the next grade, wear a GI and have paid the grading fee.

A qualified student will be able to enter into any Shotokan dojo in the world and feel comfortable amongst students of a similar rank.

Upon successfully passing their grading a student is awarded a new "rank" represented by the colour of the belt worn in the dojo (all ranks were originally considered white belts relative to the black belt, however, Shotokan as well as many other styles of karate, now employ the use of these coloured belts as a means of making it easier for each student in the dojo to measure their individual progress).

Although it is common that students may grade regularly based upon the number of lessons attended, they are not expected to do so, and are only encouraged to do so when their instructor feels they have achieved the necessary ability to obtain the next grade. After all, it is the journey that matters, not the time it takes to make the journey and I assure you the faster you try and go, the more likely you are to miss the things that really matter, and in doing so you will never truly comprehend all that karate has to offer.

An overview of the kihon, kata and kumite examination requirements and standards for each belt level are shown via the links below.

Kodomo Tokyu (Children's Grades)

Kyu Grades

Dan Grades

"Nothing of value is ever created in a hurry".

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