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Gojushiho - "Fifty Four Steps"

Gojushiho is a kata performed in many styles of karate and is believed to have been brought to Okinawa by Master Sokon Matsumura.

In Shotokan karate, there are two versions of this kata, Gojushiho Sho and Gojushiho Dai. Both follow the same Embusen and have virtually the same timings. Gojushiho Sho uses longer techniques and stances. Gojushiho Dai is more compact and powerful and uses many advanced and difficult hand movements.

An advantage of the two versions of the kata is to better master the difficult techniques presented to students by the kata, but not without facing some confusion, as many sequences are the same and others only slightly different.


Tempo (speed)

The tempo of the kata demonstrated below has not been changed for filming. Everyone has their own tempo, however, it should remain similar for all forms/variations.

Demonstration of Kata

Sorry, the demonstration video is not available.

Demonstration of Kata Variations

Apart from the common "Omote" (front facing), way of performing kata (as shown above), kata can also be performed, "Ura" (opposite), "Go" (defensive) and "Go no Ura" (defensive opposite). Students will be required to be perform kata variations in advanced gradings.

Sensei Kase introduced these variations explaining that performing kata ura, go, or go no ura is closer to actual application in real fighting circumstances.

Sorry, the demonstration video is not available.

"When someone is willing to share their knowledge with you, wait until the lesson is over before you claim to know it all".

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